MOSPET G.A. is a design and construction consultant firm base in Rethymno, Crete, Greece operating localy. The founders are Kostas Moschakis and George Petsagourakis. The firm was founded in 2021 and currently employs 5 people but has numerous close specialty associates to ensure appropriate project execution.

Our first project was an apartment renovation in Missiria, Rethymno…

and the Sfakaki two house project, villas that have people with disabilities in mind.

Another recently completed project is three villas with their pools in the Mariou, Agios Vasileios general area.

We just completed a family house in Gallou…

and delivered a 3 bedroom villa in Listaros – Tympaki.

We love to consult, to design, to plan and execute construction projects.

In the last 15 years of professional carrier amongst the two founders we have designed numerous villas and projects related to tourism, help build commercial shops and identities, oversaw multimillion large scale renovations and constructions for big hotel companies and help numerous people make dreams into reality.

We are friendly people that love to help. Please get in touch. Ask a question on or call us on +30 28310 22456. You can also find us in our office space at 7 Svaitser street in Rethymno.